Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is hot extrusion (Siderval press only)
    • Hot extrusion is a hot working process, which means it is done above the material’s recrystallization temperature to keep the material from work hardening and to make it easier to push the material through the die. The Siderval horizontal hydraulic press is 2,400 metric tons. Lubrication is required by using a fiberglass powder for higher temperature extrusions.

  • What types of materials does Siderval extrude
    • - Carbon
    • - Stainless
    • - Alloy
    • - Titanium
  • What are the benefits of hot extrusion
    • - Low minimum quantities (beneficial for the production of prototypes)
    • - Minimum yield loss (near net shapes)
    • - Lower tooling costs compared to other methods
  • What is the maximum size that can be extruded to:
    • Shape design must fit within a 200mm diameter. Steel profiles are supplied in bars, solid and hollow.

  • What are the minimum dimensions offered
    • - Thickness – 0.157 in
    • - Area – 0.60 sq in
    • - Wt/ft – 2.015 lb
  • What is the minimum order size allowable
    • - Stainless steel grades – 1,100 lbs
    • - Carbon and alloy grades – 4,400 lbs
  • What is the Siderval advantage
    • - Hot extrusion process
    • - Custom-made special profiles supplied in bars
    • - Horizontal hydraulic 2,400-metric-ton press
    • - More than 5,800 shapes designed
    • - Low minimum quantities
    • - Minimum yield loss
  • What is the CALVI Network
    • The world leader in the design and production of special, tailor-made steel profiles: a widespread network of independent businesses, located in various countries in the world and operating in the main international markets. Being the most effective and efficient producers of special steel profiles on a global scale is the shared mission of the companies that form Calvi Network. We pursue this mission thanks to a shared approach in which cooperation and competition steer the constant optimization of the production processes and the daily search for technological innovation.

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